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Osteopathy in Saint-Pierre-d'Irube

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Our 3 areas of expertise

Thanks to my initial 5 years training, I am entitled to treat active people, elderly and sportive people.


My 6th year post grade helped me to integrate osteopathic treatment for babies, children and pregnant women.


For the last 10 years, I have been attending many CPD in order to enhance my knowledge and improve the quality of my services.


General Osteopathy 

Osteopathy may help relieve different functional disorders like Musculoskeletal or Neurological system.

Paediatric Osteopathy

Osteopathy for kids is a gentle treatment suitable for Newborn, infant, preschool and school age. 

Perinatal Osteopathy 

Osteopathy can support the body through the changes that occur both during pregnancy and after childbirth


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