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Paediatric osteopathy


Osteopathy for everyone

Osteopathy is a gentle treatment suitable for children and babies at all stages of development: Newborn, infant, preschool and school age.

Main conditions seen in osteopathy for children/babies

  • Long or really short delivery

  • Delivery with instruments (forceps, ventouse)

  • Breech position, face or forehead presentation birth

  • twins, multiple birth

  • reflux, colic

  • Difficulty to turn the head one way or preference for one side

  • Breastfeeding issues (tongue clicking, really long feeding, baby agitated on breast, difficulty to latch properly)

  • Wrong feet or leg position during crawling, walking

  • To work alongside with the orthodontic treatment on teenagers

What to expect

Light pressure & gentle movements

During the treatment your child will feel light pressure on the head and body. Your osteopath will use gentle mobilisations to release tensions.

Children are normally relaxed after a treatment and often sleep well but, on occasion, they may be unsettled for a day or so.


Adaptation and accommodation for a positive experience

You will need to stay during the treatment so you can talk to, read to, play with your child if necessary. You are welcome to bring favourite toys or books with you.

I am a very adaptable osteopath and will accommodate your child in any way I can to make the treatment a positive experience.

Should you have any questions related to your baby or child condition please feel free to contact me by phone or email


Osteopathy is a real passion for me.


Since my childhood, I wanted to use my hands as a therapeutic tool.


Exchanging with patients is always a rich experience..


The Practice benefits from a great location with free parking for our patients

Home Visits

I currently provide offer home visits in Ascain and surrounding areas


After my graduation, I specialised in paediatric and perinatal osteopathy


Osteopathy is a real passion, offering access to an endless learning curve


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